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Popup pages


  • Frederic ZINGG started the conversation

    I don't know how to link a menu item to a popup page.

    In the menu management page, I can see Pages, Articles, Categories, Tags but I cannot see "Popup pages' I created.

    Thanks for your help.

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    NordWood Themes replied

    Hi Frederic,

    At the top right corner of the Menus screen, there's a tab called "Screen Options" which can be pulled out and where you can find the "Popout page" checkbox. After this is turned on, the Popout pages will appear among the available menu items. It is turned off by default, which is why you didn't see it at first place


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  • Frederic ZINGG replied

    .Thank you, it works. I don't know why i didn't saw it before.

    And a trick for people who want a link in a normal page (Pages, articles, ...) that open a popup window:

    Create a normal link to your popup page permalink and apply the css class: 'menu-item-object-popout'

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    NordWood Themes replied

    Yep, that can be done :) With one correction, only: the class shouldn't be applied to the link tag itself, but to its parent tag. Something like this:

    <span class="menu-item-object-popout"><a href="link-to-your-popout-page">Check this out!</a></span>