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  • mothen started the conversation

    I finally get this skin activated but it does not show post list properly.

    After just one post loaded, it is showing this infinite loading icon and nothing.

    I tried other theme and it works alright, so it is not about the speed of internet.

    Please check this site


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    NordWood Themes replied

    Hi mothen,

    We know it's not related to Internet speed, as we've already told you that the issue you have is due to a really poor configuration on your hosting server - php version (5.4), in particular. We are sorry if you can't get the hosting provider to upgrade it for you, as we recommended in your previous post but, we still advise you to change hosting, if that's the case.
    Some themes can surely work with older php versions, but modern web design and development is rather oriented to the new features, than to loosing time and effort in providing backward-compatibility with the outdated configurations. This is why we strongly recommend you to fix this primarily, as you may experience same problems in future, regardless of a theme choice.

    Best regards,

  • Murs replied

    Hi there, 

    Love theme especially the GIF feature! I just have a quick pre-purchase question. Does this come with any visual composer or page builder? If I wanted to play around with the layout. Let me know. Thanks!



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    NordWood Themes replied

    Hi Murs,

    Skin comes with no page builder or visual composer. However, we performed rough tests on few free plugins for that manner and they seemed to be working well.