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  • Carolina started the conversation


    Two questions, why my special box (popular post) show the featured image like that? https://imgur.com/a/gR4Ax is about size?
    And, where (code .css) i can change the text 'read more', I'm from Chile so I need everything in spanish.

    Thank you!

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    NordWood Themes replied

    Hi Carolina,

    The Popular/Latest box should be pulling the small-sized thumbnails with square shape, so the images can all appear the same. But, you probably don't have those smaller images generated, since those being showed now, belong to the older posts - from the time before you switched to Daze, which generates all the needed copies (with different sizes) every time you upload a new image.

    You can fix this easily with this plugin, for example:

    It is pretty simple to use and will add all the "missing" thumbnails, including those needed for this special box. After you're done with that, you can as well remove it, since you will not longer need it.

    Regarding the 'read more' text and other lines you need to translate - all the strings in Daze are translatable, so whatever plugin/application you were using before for translation, should list them all. In the documentation provided with the theme, we explained how it goes with PoEdit tool, which is an desktop application. There are also WordPress plugins, allowing you to translate strings directly from your site, such as:

    It will also use the daze.pot file provided with the theme, but is probably easier and more user-friendly.

    We hope that helps :)