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Featured Image size


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    Akeylah Battle started the conversation

    Hi, I am attempting to use the minimalist (image only) layout because I really like the way the Daze homepage looks. I am having a problem making the pictures to come out as large as they look on the Daze page. I have tried resizing the picture but it always looks the same (small) size on the actual webpage. Please help or give me an idea of ideal picture sizes. Also, I like how on the Daze page how although all of the pictures are not the same size they still line up. I do not know how to do this. Thanks so much for all of your help. 


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    NordWood Themes replied

    Hello Akeylah,

    Thanks for purchasing the theme

    We looked up your page with web inspected tool and it seems that you are using some third-party plugin for photos. According to class it makes in the code it could have "Sharp" or "Photo Sharp" as part of the name. We are not sure. 

    Try disabling this plugin cause it is in some conflict with the theme. After that do a hard refresh (shift+f5) in your browser and it should all look good. 

    If not, please do write again


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    Akeylah Battle replied

    Thanks so much, I deactivated the plugin (called Featured Image Sharpen Up) from a previous theme I was using and the pictures are perfect sizing. Thanks!